Class A Eyebolt Anchors

Eyebolts installed and tested in accordance with BS Code of Practice BS 7985:2002 conforming to BS EN795

Different types of eyebolts (and there are many) are used for various reasons including safety eyebolts, that fix an object to a structure, visual merchandising hooks for shop displays, and many more.

Hutton Compliance installs, tests and certifies the following:

  • Fixed eyebolts

  • Abseil points

  • Fush keelock type

  • visual merchandising hooks

  • Fall Restraint

  • Fall Arrest

All eyebolts are installed and tested to the recommendations set out in BS Code of Practice BS 7985:2002 conforming to BS EN795. All eyebolts, with the exception of abseil point eyebolts, are required to be compliance tested every 12 months via a pull tester to 6kn for 30 seconds. Abseil point eyebolts are to be tested every 6 months due to the nature of their usage.

What we look for:

  • Loose/missing fixtures and fittings

  • Vandalism

  • Missing tags

  • Structural damage surrounding eyebolt

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